The bank of volunteers is the most valuable resource of the MJC, and is fundamental to its operation.

The running of the MJC depends entirely on the commitment of people who have chosen to get involved. Volunteers choose to participate in the life of the association, they must also respect its core values and guidelines.

The MJC is extremely grateful to all its volunteers for their time, effort , participation and support throughout the year.

To be a part of this worthy adventure :

Would you like to participate in the overall development of the MJC de Chamonix ?

If so, the Board of Directors is for you. Elected at the Annual General Meeting, you will participate in the strategic planning of an association that is constantly evolving in a social and cultural context.

Do you have special entertainment skills ?

Perhaps you have specialist know-how or a passion for a particular art-form or activity (eg. creative arts, sports, mountain activities, performing arts etc...)

Would you like to help young people ?

The MJC is looking for volunteers to help primary and secondary school students with their school- work, general knowledge, and through fun-based learning at our revision workshops.

Do you want to discover the world of « Show Business »?

For each event, the MJC needs volunteers to fulfill various functions  (bar, reception, box-office, meal preparation, accommodation for musicians/artists, PR and communications etc ...).


Feel free to join us and share special moments with the artists, performers, our Team and our Members. Contact the MJC reception on 04 50 53 12 24